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Valves and actuators for energy-efficient systems

With a tradition in the valve industry that extends back to the 1920s, Osby Armatur (OAB) is a strong brand within valve technology. This tradition and expertise lives on at our production site in Osby. There we develop, install and test our valves.

Energy efficient systems put great demands on valve characteristics

The precision and performance of valves are decisive factors in creating an energy-efficient system. At Regin’s production centre in Osby, great emphasis is therefore placed on developing high control precision and leakage-free valves. Being a frontrunner in the valve industry, Regin can now offer five valve ranges which have been developed using new technology, making them all bubble tight when closed and thereby minimising energy losses. The valves are available in dimensions up to DN 150. This technology will gradually be applied to other series of valves, as well.

Save energy using Regin OAB-valves

In most systems for comfort and hot water production, the valves are over-dimensioned*, especially in older installations. Traditionally, valves were selected to tolerate the most extreme conditions in order to be on the safe side. As a result, the valves were over-sized in normal operating conditions and only a part of their stroke was being used. By installing a valve with the correct kvs value, high control precision and valve authority and more stable control are achieved, as well as a more energy efficient operation. If you choose an OAB-valve from the Regin product series you will both minimise energy costs and save the environment.

Regin Ready-Steady-Go valves

We at Regin want to make installation easy for you. We call it Ready-Steady-Go. A good example is our FRS valve, which is a replacement for older STL valves (TA valves). The FRS valve has high control precision and is leakage-free when closed. Installation is facilitated by measurements designed for installing between flanges, turnable flange connections and pre-mounted flange seals.

Regin’s valve sizing calculator

Regin’s web-based tool for valve sizing makes it considerably easier to calculate the required kv value and valve authority as well as select the right valve and kvs value for the application. It can also help you find a suitable actuator for the calculated valve. The valve sizing calculator is available on Regin’s website

Complete solutions – valve with actuator

Regin can offer you the actuators you need. If you want to use other actuator brands, we have a complete collection of suitable adapters. We also offer a large selection of adapters for adapting our RTA(O)M and RVAN actuators to valves from other suppliers.

We supplies everything from small-sized thermal actuators to micro-processor controlled actuators for control valves. Also we provide a broad range of 2-way and 3-way valves in sizes from kvs 0,25 to 310. The programme contains various models from smaller zone valves to flanged control valves.

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